Melton Mortuary & Cremation Center is a full-service funeral service facility. We are here to assist families with the type of memorialization that they desire. From “traditional” funerals to cremation arrangements with no services, we are here to help.

A funeral service should be as distinctive and special as the person it represents. More and more families are realizing the importance of creating a personalized tribute that celebrates an individual’s life, loves, and interests. There are many meaningful ways to remember loved ones. Keep in mind that a funeral service or memorial service can take place almost anywhere and at any time. From a traditional setting in a church or our chapel to a favorite indoor or outdoor location, you can choose the option that best reflects your familiy’s beliefs and the life of your loved one.

Including special items of remembrance in a funeral service allows you to celebrate the things that made that person unique. This might involve photos, articles from a personal collection, quilts or sewn items, a special trophy, or even a favorite fishing pole. From the simple to the elaborate, the possibilities for sharing memories are limited only by your imagination.

Funeral Home Memorial Facilities

At Melton Mortuary & Cremation Center, we believe that a comfortable environment is an important factor in creating a memorable tribute to a loved one. Our ongoing mission is to maintain a funeral facility that is always peaceful, neat, and orderly. As many friends and relatives travel from different locations and walks of life to attend funerals, we want the families we serve to be proud of choosing our funeral home facility.

Our spacious chapel features seating for over 160 people plus an overflow room for additional seating. Originally built in the 1940’s, our facility has had four major enlargements, plus remodeling, and numerous updates. Our goal is to make family and friends feel welcome.

In addition to the sanctuary, we have other amenities to accommodate to your family and guest needs. Our arrangement room provides a space where families gather around a large table to plan a celebration to honor the life of a loved one.

All public areas of our facility are located at ground level for easy access. We also have a wheelchair available if needed. As far as transportation, our modern, clean, and well-maintained vehicles are an additional testament to our commitment to providing only the best of memorial services to our client families.

For those needing funeral home facilities, Melton Mortuary & Cremation Center is conveniently located in Beckley, West Virginia. Contact us today for assistance.

Cremation Services

The Cremation Process
Cremation is another of the funeral services offered by Melton Mortuary & Cremation Center. After your loved one has passed, the funeral staff provides transportation to the crematory. Dependent on your state and local laws, the body must be housed in a cool storage facility from 24-48 hours before the process can begin.

This process is highly controlled and performed by a professional staff. All jewelry and some surgical implants (specifically, pacemakers) are removed before cremation. Although the entire cremation process takes 2-3 hours, family can be present to say goodbyes. After cremation is completed, the remains are delivered to the family by the funeral director in a simple container or purchased urn decided upon previously.

Cremation Urns in Beckley, West Virginia
The first decision you must make is what you want to hold your loved ones remains. You can choose the container provided by the crematory or a cremation urn, which can be designed to fit the personality of the deceased. Cremation urns come in all different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. They can be made out of wood, metal, glass and other bio-degradable materials.

You can also bury or scatter the ashes. If you decide to bury the urn, you can either choose a cemetery plot or a mausoleum. When scattering the ashes, be sure to check with state and local guidelines to make sure you aren’t breaking any land preservation laws. Most people who scatter ashes choose a place that was sacred or special to a loved one to honor their last requests.

Pet Cremation
Now providing the same care, compassion and understanding for your beloved companion as we have for area families for over 62 years. We offer a complete selection of memorialization options for your entire family, from urns to caskets to monuments. Entrust the care of your “best friend” to the professionals at Melton Mortuary & Cremation Center.

Have questions or immediate cremation needs? Contact Melton Mortuary & Cremation Center today.

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